RE / WORK. New visions of work

RE / WORK. New visions of work

The renowned “identity architects“ at Ippolito Fleitz Group collaborated with media technicians from Zgoll Konferenzraum GmbH and visionariesed from Microsoft Corporation to design an inspiring staging that traces valuable moments of inspiration and combines analogue and digital experiences to offer new perspectives on the world of work.

Our world is increasingly shaped by digital experiences. Work processes are changing rapidly. Does the office as an analogue location still have any meaning in the 21st century?

The answer to this is a clear YES.

The workplace is evolving – it provides more than just work resources, devices and structures; it is becoming an expression of the organisation’s philosophy and identity, internally and externally: a strategic tool for public representation, recruitment and employee retention. A stimulating place that is a source of pride. In the 21st-century office, IDENTITY is more important than providing a facility.

The conventional office is disappearing and transforming into a place of diverse opportunities. Work processes are becoming emancipated from specific locations; the workplace is turning into a world of work. In a world of permanent change, communication is the only constant. Communication is everything. Everything is communication.

In an environment that is constantly developing and changing, agility and mobility are the key. These values are at odds with the human longing for stability and security. The office of the future must combine both: a space for very different kinds of flexible use with a strong identity and the means to appropriate it. The workplace is no longer tied to a particular space. It is tied to moments.

Moments of connections that are made possible by the perfect integration of technology and which stimulate communication, moments of well-being, of inspiration, of lifelong, playful experimentation.

The special event at ORGATEC 2016 showed ten of these MOMENTS OF INSPIRATION:

  • IDENTITY | CHARISMA| AGILITY: the building
  • OWNERSHIP | PRIDE | HEIMAT: the workdesk
  • STRATEGY | DEBATE | ACTION: the meeting room
  • RULE | INSPIRE | IMPRESS: the executive office
  • FOCUS | LEARN | CONCENTRATE: the knowledge base
  • EXCHANGE IDEAS | RECHARGE: the think tank
  • + THE IN-BETWEENS: where the unexpected happens

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