Smart Working Space -
the smart coworking lobby

Smart Working Space the smart-coworking lobby

Coworking spaces are a new workspace concept that is developing on a global scale with incredible dynamism – workspaces which owe their success to digital transformation and, above all, set the scene for the next working generation. Coworking represents a paradigm shift which is developing at an increasingly rapid rate. The real estate industry cannot keep pace; instead of developing new office blocks, solutions for the conversion of existing buildings are needed in order to meet new standards and requirements.

Michael Schmutzer, Curator of ORGATEC, had developed a model for ORGATEC 2016 that maked sense economically, showed sustainability and wholly meets the demands of the new world of work.

The concept, named “The smart coworking lobby”, detailed a module that was at the core of the modern office block, as well as supported the coworking philosopy in existing buildings. The prototype was exhibited in all aspects of its effectiveness at ORGATEC.

Special show took place in hall 9, stand B-010.