Review Event and Congress programme

With a host of event and congress programmes and outstanding special events, ORGATEC 2018 provided a vital catalyst for the design of inspiring work environments.

Congresses, conferences and lectures

The international innovation and trend fair ORGATEC hosted the XING New Work Sessions for the first time on 23 October 2018 in partnership with XING, the German Interior Business Association (IBA) and Koelnmesse. The event took “Transformation & Culture@Work” as its theme.

With fresh inspiration, best-practice examples, workshops and dialogues, the ORGATEC New Work Sessions aimed to contribute to the debate on how we can rethink the interaction between work environments and work culture and how what has been called New Work is a key to future success. Lectures was only in German.

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The respected German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT hosted the second Work & Style conference at ORGATEC on 24 October. Aimed at planners, architects and corporate human resource managers, the conference was also especially relevant to leaders of medium-sized companies.

ZEIT editors discussed the following issues with renowned speakers from Germany and beyond:

  • How is digitalisation influencing work and the workplace?
  • How are companies gearing up for the future?
  • Which environments and organisational forms foster innovation?
  • What role does employer branding play in medium-sized companies?

Building on the success of the Trend Forum of the past years, international speakers presented the themes and trends influencing the working worlds of the 21st century at ORGATEC 2018 in hall 6 and discussed how companies could adapt to accommodate them and use them to their competitive advantage.

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The workplace congress at ORGATEC 2016 was a huge success, attracting more than 170 attendees. The popular event returned for ORGATEC 2018.

Discovered real-world concepts and solutions for office workplaces and benefit from the expertise and experienced of leading speakers from research, teaching and practice.

The workplace congress was a joint event by the trade journals Der Facility Manager and industrieBAU.

The digitalisation of the world of work is progressing. The demands on (office) workplaces, health and safety standards as well as data protection and security are changing. Work is becoming more independent of time and location, work performance can be assessed more precisely, data traffic is increasing and demands improved security standards.

ORGATEC’s 2nd theme day for employee representatives, hosted in collaboration with the educational institute for North Rhine-Westphalia of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) sheded light on what trends, opportunities, risks and rights of co-determination employee representatives should bear in mind in this respect.

Parallel to ORGATEC, a full five-day congress programme was hosted in hall 10.1. The programme was recognized by Chambers of Architects and Engineers as continuing professional development. A first-class, wide-ranging congress programme that has been condensed into five days was lined up for visitors. Discovered new ideas from the keynote speakers, in best-practice project case studies, inspiring model presentations, innovative research approaches and cutting-edge headline talks.

This was the chance to hear keynote speakers discuss the following highly topical issues:
Venue: Hall 10.1 G-060, daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.:

  • Tuesday, 23.10.2018
    Topic: Facade 2043 ... what requirements will be placed on facades in 25 years’ time?

  • Wednesday, 24.10.2018
    Topic: Conversion or new-build ... what must be considered when revitalising office and hotel buildings?

  • Thursday, 25.10.2018
    Topic: BIM in construction ... how to network interfaces.

  • Friday, 26.10.2018
    Topic: The healthy office and hotel ... strategic spatial planning.

  • Saturday, 27.10.2018
    Topic: FutureHotel 2030 ... which direction is hotel design moving in?

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Special events

The environment we work in influences among others our well-being and our creativity. That is actually nothing new, is it? But then why are so many of our worlds of work not really creative or even a little bit "crazy"? This is one of the questions that the event area "Plant 10.1" dealed with.

Its makers - detecon and the ORANGE Council - implemented creative ideas for a wide range of worlds of work on this space and called upon the visitors to took a totally different approach to human and (working) spaces. This central exhibition area acted as an emotional laboratory and a stage, both thematically and physically: condensed into an area of 600 square metres at the very centre of the trade fair, seven experience scenarios invited all exhibitors and visitors to observe and learn as they demonstrate the six influencing factors behind innovation.

International speakers and coaches made appearances on the stage in the special exhibition area 10.1 and in workshops throughout the trade fair to offer inspiration and to enter into active discussions with visitors.

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Taking a range of very different (work) scenarios, Inspired Collaboration presented spatial solutions that appealed to all the senses and in which the environments and conferencing technology were a tool for inspiring and productive collaborations.

The special event was staged in partnership with zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH and other sponsors.

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The Boulevard picked up the slogan culture@work and was designed with “Meeting culture”.

Themed islands encapsulating different designs was demonstrated that meetings no longer have to take place in meeting rooms. A piano bar, gym or garden can also be meeting venues when smart furniture is installed.

In hall 8, the experts from Haute Innovation presented a third fascinating exhibition on material innovations for the new worlds of work from different cultures.

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What is the impact of offices on health and well-being of its employees? To what extent do we need new workplace concepts embedded in new health management and corporate culture? Answers and solutions to these questions could be found at the Eurocres Health Care Knowledge Forum in hall 10.1 (Stand C-068 / D-069) on promotion of Health and Workplace Culture.

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Eurocres ActiveOffice AWARD rewards and certifies product solutions for a healthy workplace!

The Eurocres ActiveOffice AWARD was the first of its kind for outstanding movement and health-promoting product solutions for workplace. The Eurocres ActiveOffice AWARD took place for the first time at ORGATEC 2018 at the Wissensforum GesundheitsKULTUR.

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Clear the stage for fresh visions and solutions: in the STARTUPCORNER in hall 10.1 (Stand A-007), exciting startups presented their innovations and concepts, curated by the renowned ap35 agency.

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For the 10th time the architectural journals AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur in cooperation with Koelnmesse GmbH, have initiated the Innovation Award Architecture+ Office during the ORGATEC fair in Cologne. The Innovation Award was intended for manufacturers of innovative products to be applied in office buildings – such as office furniture, accessories, lighting, flooring and acoustics, as well as architects, interior designers and designers who work in these areas and have developed associated products. Participation was open to all exhibitors at the ORGATEC who registered their product/s until September 21st, 2018 for the Innovation Award Architecture+ Office.

The design and architecture award was initiated to honor products that correspond to the requirements of architects to a special degree. The prize recognized conceptual project-specific solutions and selected products, which satisfy in design and functionality. Important assessment criteria were the authenticity of materials and the variety of application.

A jury of five renowned architects and interior designers decided upon the winners and special mentions on October 23rd, 2018, the opening day of the ORGATEC.

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 at 5 p.m. at the booth of the Innovation Award at the ORGATEC.

All participating products were displayed for the entire duration of the fair at the Innovation Award booth.

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Under the title “WORK TO GO - creating conditions for the future”, students at the AMD Academy of Fashion & Design in Hamburg had developed their visions for the future of modern working environments as part of a joint initiative with the architecture magazine AIT and the firm brandherm + krumrey interior architecture.

The results could be seen in their entirety from 23 to 27 October in the special exhibition “WORK TO GO - creating conditions for the future” at ORGATEC 2018 in Cologne.

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Chair Hockey – a refreshing change from an ordinary day at the office. Just like ice hockey, two teams pit it out against one another in an arena surrounded by barriers. Of course this version of the game has a special twist: Players were only allowed to move around on their rolling swivel chairs!

During every day and every evening of ORGATEC 2018, Chair Hockey World offered fantastic entertainment for all trade fair visitors. Visitors could either try their hand on their own during free practice sessions or they reserved an arena and played with a group of friends and colleagues. We wanted to encourage as many people as possible to participate but needless to say, ‘just looking’ was also allowed. The area surrounding the Chair Hockey World arenas featured a large bar, musical entertainment and a range of places to eat.

Together with Koelnmesse, the bke fislage company organised an exhibitor tournament, the Chair-Hockey World Championship on 22.10.2018 as of 6:00 p.m. in hall 11.1 of Koelnmesse. Competitors from all over the world battled it out for the Chair Hockey title. In this charity tournament, all of the entry fees paid by participants were donated to a children's charity.

The Interior Business Association (Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt e. V.), based in Wiesbaden, is a sector association that promotes the holistic design of workplaces. As ORGATEC’s conceptual sponsor, the IBA sees its role as providing a source of inspiration and ideas.

In 2018, the IBA represented for the first time at its own stage on the Boulevard North. The association also invited trade fair visitors to join discussions and workshops at the New Work Studio (also hosted on the Boulevard North) and in its vicinity.

Based on the tiny house concept, this mobile communication space was part of a joint initiative by the IBA and the business network XING from which the idea for the ORGATEC New Work Session “Transformation & culture@work” also emerged.

The IBA hosted the prize-giving ceremony for the Frame Awards ORGATEC on 25 October 2018 (IBA Stage, Boulevard North).

You could find information about the lecture programme in our event search.

Koelnmesse invited planners, designers, architects and interior designers to the ORGATEC Architects' Lounge. The perfect place to relax after the fair with a snack or a cool drink. Or the lounge could be used for informal discussions with colleagues. Admission by special invitation only.

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