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Inspired Collaborations

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09:00 - 18:00
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Special show
Koelnmesse GmbH
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  Lecture programme Inspired Collaborations


Re Work, the special event at ORGATEC 2016, posed the bold question of whether we actually still need conference rooms in these times of virtual reality, co-working and cloud computing. How important is human contact in a world where using technology no longer represents a competitive advantage but a source of constant pressure to keep up with the pace of change?

The response to this question was a resounding "yes" - conference rooms are an essential element of the world of work, now more so than ever before. Ultimately, an idea, project or product is developed by people and between people. The key to success remains how people work together; technology is merely a tool that surrounds them.

Mobile workers, in-between zones and ad hoc workstations are playing increasingly important roles in any office concept today. The possibilities of technology mean that work is no longer tied to a fixed location. Everyone can work where they personally feel most comfortable. But turning that idea around, it also means that the environments in an organisation must be places of well-being that provide employees with stimulation and a space for productive co-working with the right tools and facilities.

Taking a range of very different (work) scenarios, Inspired Collaboration presented spatial solutions that appeal to all the senses and in which the environments and conferencing technology are a tool for inspiring and productive collaborations. But not only that: Inspired Collaboration expanded conventional approaches to space planning. Their work revealed just what is possible with people-based room and space planning. The spaces and rooms were monitored with sensors, which showed visitors how different areas are used. The aim of this was not to generate hard facts, such as space utilisation, but rather to evaluate and analyse what type of meetings are most productive in particular types of spaces.

The special event was staged in partnership with zgoll: Konferenzraum GmbH and the sponsors Cisco Systems GmbH, C + P Möbelsysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Holzmedia GmbH, quint-it Deutschland GmbH, SHARP BUSINESS SYSTEMS DEUTSCHLAND GmbH and Fohhn Audio AG.