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Object Carpet GmbH Germany11.2F021www.object-carpet.com
Objekten Systems Belgium08.1A020 B021www.objekten.com
Ocee Design United Kingdom06.1A071www.oceedesign.com
OFFECCT AB Sweden11.2B039www.offecct.com
OFFICEBRICKS GmbH Germany10.1D057www.officebricks.de
LT Officeline AB Sweden06.1C067www.officeline.se
Ubise - Officepro France06.1C092www.ubise-officepro.com
Offisit srl Italy06.1A070 B071www.offisit.com
Ofifran, S.L. Spain10.1C020 D021www.ofifran.com
Ofita Interiors S.A. Spain06.1A043www.ofita.com
Ojmar, S.A. Spain06.1A041www.ojmar.com
Okamura Corporation Japan06.1B058 C059www.okamura.jp
OLIVO & GROPPO SrL Italy11.2H030 F031www.olivoegroppo.it
Associations of Industry and Businessman of Office Furniture / OMSIAD Turkey08.1C010awww.omsiad.org.tr
ONDARRETA mesas y sillas SL Spain10.2Q019www.ondarreta.com
ONGO GmbH Germany06.1B093www.ongo.eu
ophelis GmbH Germany09.1C059 B058www.ophelis.de
Orcco Hong Kong Co., Ltd. Hong Kong07.1B010
Organoid Technologies GmbH Austria11.2
OSRAM GmbH Germany11.2J021www.osram.com
Ouhe International (HK) Corp., Ltd. Hong Kong06.1B001www.o-he.com/index.php
Ouzheng trading Co., Ltd. Hong Kong06.1B016www.oz-furniture.com
OWD - office walls & design, Lda. Portugal10.1E019