Cologne: 25.–29.10.2022 #ORGATEC

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Guided Tours

You can experience ORGATEC from the perspective of renowned architects, planners and other experts by participating in the themed guided tours.

You will shortly be able to register here for the following topics:


There are many issues to consider in order to ensure the health and well-being of staff members. Participants in this guided tour will gain an overview of the latest innovations for a healthier workplace and a better work environment.


Sustainability is a major topic these days. Participants in this tour will be guided to companies which manufacture their products ecologically. As well as sustainability, acoustics is a topic relevant to the workplace. So participants will also gain an overview of the latest innovations in this field.


As a result of digitalisation and new trends such as co-working, there is an ever-growing number of possibilities for laying out workspaces. Participants in this tour will be able to see what the workplace of tomorrow might look like.

Agile Working - the future of the workspace

Everyone’s talking about how we will work tomorrow. But hardly anyone is raising the question: “How can we create more and better value for businesses?” We are facing a turning point: We can rethink our ways of working and organisational patterns and put established routines behind us. Agility does not just refer to space. If we bring an agile, flexible mindset into the space, then the space itself must possess the flexibility to change. Liberated thinking in one’s head involves a liberated mindset in spatial terms.