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Trends at ORGATEC 2018

From 23 to 27 October 2018, the leading international trade fair will present the latest products, trends and visionary concepts for the entire world of work.

The world of work is changing all the time. New Work and the effects of digitalisation are progressively transforming work culture. Individual, flexible and networked solutions are therefore needed for contemporary workplaces. But what do inspiring office environments of the future look like? And how do companies remain agile in the face of continuous change? The upcoming ORGATEC trade fair provides a comprehensive overview of new developments and forward-looking products for the office and commercial sector. From 23 to 27 October, around 750 exhibitors will be presenting a diverse range of trends and innovations in Cologne for the working environments of today and tomorrow. In addition to new designs for furnishings, products from the areas of flooring solutions, lighting, acoustics and media technology will also be on show at the leading international trade fair. With "Culture@Work" as the key theme, the trade fair's extensive accompanying events and congress programme will also deal with the very latest topics such as work 4.0, creative workplace design, health in the office and innovative materials.

Designing for change
Agility: The new buzz word for the spatial change from traditional working methods to New Work. Instead of rigid and hierarchically organised office structures, environments of today should react flexibly to different activities and working methods. In order to keep pace with the dynamic development, furnishings are becoming increasingly adaptable. New products are oriented towards a modern work culture that places emphasis on mobility, creativity and flexibility - such as the imaginative "Insula" seating system from Capdell, one of the Spanish exhibitors (Hall 10.1, Stand C 38). The collection designed by Patrick Norguet has a basic structure that can be configured into various seating arrangements. Today even traditionally rigid office furniture such as cupboards adapt individually to the room: The sophisticated "Nova16" modular storage system from Novex AG (Hall 8, Stand C 10) allows cupboard elements to be converted, extended or reduced at any time.

Not only freelancers but also larger companies have long recognised the potential of collaborative working methods. Coworking, design thinking and other forms of spatial collaboration require flexible workplaces. For instance, the current need for suitable office concepts is shaping a new generation of office chairs. This year at ORGATEC, Sedus (Hall 8, Stand B 48) will be presenting "se:flex", its first swivel chair with automatic weight adjustment. se:flex recognises the weight of its users and regulates the pressure on the backrest, making it the ideal seating solution for workstations with frequently changing users. For agile working methods in agencies, startups or coworking spaces, the "ConWork" office chair from Klöber (Hall 6, Stand A 78) also adapts to the respective user. Workplace nomads will also enjoy the ergonomic "Addit Bento" desk set from Dataflex International (Hall 6, Stand A 51). Inspired by Japanese lunch boxes, the design allows quick storage and transport of personal items. At ORGATEC 2018, office furniture specialist Vitra (Hall 5.2) will focus on the importance of flexibility and agility in today's work world. Featured under the title "WORK" are three room concepts for the increasing fusion of office and public space designed by Sevil Peach, Barber & Osgerby and Konstantin Grcic.

Working in feel-good zones
Trend researchers and other experts agree: Well-being is a hot topic in modern workplace design. As work and leisure time blend together more and more, people want to feel comfortable in their working environment. A pleasant environment ensures greater productivity, promotes creativity and increases the company's attractiveness. Lounges, quiet zones and other wellness-oriented office areas are therefore becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers are responding with designs that are as comfy, inspiring and often playful as possible. "Form follows emotion" is the new credo in office furnishings. Soft surfaces, organic shapes and friendly colours convey both relaxation and functionality. This can be seen in the "Stone" collections by True Design (Hall 11.2, Stand F 11) and "Waves" by La Cividina (Hall 10.2, Stand J 29). They consist of a series of padded poufs in different shapes and sizes that are inspired by nature. The individual modules have an intelligent connection system that allows them to be joined together to create continuously changing seating landscapes.

The "Droplets" bench series by Spanish exhibitor Capdell (Hall 10.1, Stand C 38) also follows the megatrend of individualisation and can be arranged to suit personal requirements. Swedish architects Claesson Koivisto Rune have designed eight versions of the upholstered droplet-shaped benches. Artifort's upholstered stools and tables from the "Terp" collection (Hall 10.1, Stand C 11) also achieve a similar fusion of office and living. The pieces by design duo Mike & Maaike create gentle office landscapes that are inspired by Dutch mounds. Stuttgart furniture label Movisi (Hall 10.1, Stand B 58) has also launched a piece with a romantic touch with its first-ever window seat. Designed by the anonymous design alliance Trickform, the "Dream" seat can be placed under a window or transformed into an elegant console table with coloured inlays in seconds.

Peace and quiet in the office
Forward-looking offices are places of exchange and communication. This makes interior design even more of a challenge. Coworking spaces or other open office structures need the right balance between too much and too little acoustics. Acoustic solutions have become indispensable in the open office in order to be able to have informal conversations as well as do concentrated work. At ORGATEC 2018, many exhibitors will show that good room acoustics and visual appearance are not incompatible. One example that offers ample scope for design is the "Rausonic" panel system from Rehau. Freely formable diffuser walls made of "acoustic bricks" scatter the sound and create natural-sounding room acoustics. The "Ecoustic Torque" acoustic modular tiles from Instyle (Hall 10.1, Stand F 39) also provide outstanding sound absorption on walls and ceilings. Their striking design was inspired by the Art Deco style. Other new products such as the "BuzziMood" wall panels from BuzziSpace (Hall 10.2, Stand P 40) not only reduce background noise but also bring nature into the office. The panels can be freely combined and are available either upholstered or with a moss surface.

For undisturbed meetings, room-in-room systems such as the two-piece "2Gether" cube have proved successful. The agile space solution from Kasper GmbH (Hall 10.1, Stand D 02) consists of three "acoustic absorber" walls and a ceiling panel. These elements can be used individually or combined with the counterpart to form a separable middle zone. Creating an acoustic and visual separation from office areas is also possible with the room-in-room concept from Four Design (Hall 6, Stand A 71). The subsidiary of the British Ocee International Group demonstrates the possibilities of its partition wall programme at ORGATEC 2018 using virtual reality. Carpets play a very important role in acoustics. The Bielefeld-based manufacturer Carpet Concept (Hall 10.2, Stand N 10) will be presenting a solution for accentuated central zones with the new "Concrete" carpet tile. The tile resembles concrete surfaces, conveys spatial expanse and is offered with a matching, acoustically effective broadloom. The "Must Have" and "In Motion" tile collections from Toucan-T carpet manufacturer, which will be presented at the trade fair (Hall 9, Stand A 49), also offer room acoustic comfort. Each collection consists of six products for the requirements of multi-space concepts in order to create visual calm or inspiring liveliness depending on the office area.

The workplace gets moving
Awareness of a healthy lifestyle has reached the working world. Long gone are the days of health being associated only with illness. Especially with respect to demographic change and an ageing workforce, factors such as physical and mental fitness are becoming increasingly important in office equipment. The significance and impact of the health megatrend on modern working environments can be seen at ORGATEC 2018. Numerous product solutions to encourage physical activity support a healthy working environment. This can be seen with the "free-2-move concept powered by Trimension®" from office furniture specialist Wilkhahn (Hall 6, Stand B 78), who is setting standards in three-dimensional dynamic seating. The average office worker spends 80 to 85 percent of his or her working hours sitting down. What could be more on point than encouraging physical activity with the design of the furnishings. New furniture such as the "giroflex 10" sit-stand stool from Flokk (Hall 8, Stand A 28) is designed with the entire locomotor system in mind. The dynamic stool promotes balance, strengthens the muscles and relieves the spine.

The manufacturer Stern (Hall 10.2, Stand N 58) has developed the legs of its new indoor and outdoor "Artus VIP" armchair based on the principle of the exercise ball. The abdominal and back muscles are activated when leaning forwards or backwards. The "IQ Sit-Stand Desk" from Dutch company Bakker Elkhuizen (Hall 10.1, Stand A 13) also encourages movement. Software is linked to the height-adjustable desk, which is controlled via keyboard and mouse and coaches the user to switch positions regularly. Height-adjustable desks, which allow the user to work both sitting and standing, also promote movement and health. This works very well with the "Winea Flow" desk from German manufacturer WINI (Hall 9, Stand C 11). Switching between standing and sitting takes only half the time with this desk than with comparable motorised desks - low power consumption and low noise level. Office furniture manufacturer ONGO (Hall 6, Stand B 93) promises special support for height-adjustable desks. Known for its active sitting stools, the company is now launching the "ONGO Wing" office swivel chair, which not only covers a very large height range but also changes its seating area with increasing height to a dynamic saddle shape for comfortable semi-sitting. The British company Fellowes (Hall 6, Stand C 61) will show how standard desks can also be converted into a dynamic workstation: The "Lotus RT" monitor swivel arm can be brought into the right position for any activity - whether sitting, standing or teamwork. This year will mark the first time that these and other product solutions for promoting physical activity and health will receive the Eurocres ActiveOffice Award at ORGATEC. The award ceremony will take place on 25 October at the Health Culture Knowledge Forum.

Forward-looking and sustainable
An important aspect of modern work culture is and continues to be the issue of sustainability. ORGATEC 2018 will also focus on recycled and reusable materials, durable furniture and emission-free products. Resource-saving production processes as well as environmentally friendly materials and intelligent logistics are now standard for many office companies. Some manufacturers are even taking it one step further. The Waldmann "Lavigo" (Hall 8, Stand B 40) was the first office luminaire in the world to be awarded the internationally recognised Cradle to Cradle certificate. In order to meet the high requirements, all the materials used for the luminaire were identified, evaluated in terms of their toxicological and recyclable properties and improved in some cases.

Other exhibitors will also be presenting the results of sustainable development work at ORGATEC. Object Carpet (Hall 11.2, Stand F 21) will be presenting its new "Well-X" carpet tile coating. Well-X is up to 30 percent lighter than standard coatings and is made mainly from recycled and extremely low-emission materials. The "Divi Smart" acoustic panels from Ropimex (Hall 10.1, Stand D 30) are also sustainable and lightweight and certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The panels work well as room dividers, sound insulators or enclosures for desks and are made of 100% recycled PET fibres. The Dutch company Vepa (Hall 7, Stand C 28) also wants to help solve the plastic waste problem. Together with Plastic Whale's environmental activists, the manufacturer produces high-quality office furniture from recycled plastic using the raw material fished from Amsterdam's canals.

The office is becoming smarter
Digitalisation and networking are increasingly shaping daily work life. Today's office environment needs to be able to facilitate mobile working methods as well as the quick exchange of information and ideas. Fast-paced technological development requires different work cycles and flexible solutions. For example, how can modern technology be integrated into dynamic project work or spontaneous, often short meetings? ORGATEC 2018 together with partner Zgoll Konferenzraum GmbH and other sponsors will be displaying new technologies and developments in this area in the "SmartOffice & Conferencing Technology" (Hall 11.2, Stand J 30) event space. What makes this special is that the high-tech products are not just exhibited but presented under real conditions and can thus be subjected to an actual everyday test. The conference rooms equipped with innovative technology can therefore actually be used for meetings at the trade fair.

The innovations presented at ORGATEC 2018 not only illustrate the rapid changes in the world of work but also show the continuous development towards intelligently organised office and knowledge work. Besides innovative solutions and products for this change, the leading international trade fair also places special emphasis on cultural conditions such as an agile organisation of the working environment, digital networking and collaborative forms of work. With its groundbreaking concept as reflected in the theme of "Culture@Work", it provides a wide range of stimulus and inspiration for the working world of today and tomorrow.Koelnmesse – Global Competence in Furniture, Interiors and Design: Koelnmesse is the world’s top trade fair organiser for the areas of furnishing, living and lifestyle. At the trade fair hub of Cologne, the leading international fair imm cologne as well as the trade fair formats of LivingKitchen, ORGATEC, spoga+gafa, interzum and Kind + Jugend rank among the internationally renowned and established industry meeting places. These fairs comprehensively represent the upholstered and case furniture segment, the kitchen industry, the office furniture sector and outdoor living as well as the innovations of the furniture supply industry. Over the last few years, Koelnmesse has specifically added international fairs in the most important fast-expanding markets to its portfolio. These include CIKB in Shanghai, interzum guangzhou in Guangzhou and Pueri Expo in Sao Paulo. With ambista, the online portal for the interiors business, Koelnmesse offers direct access to products, contacts, expertise and events relevant to the industry all year round.

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