Cologne: 22.–26.10.2024 #ORGATEC

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New working worlds after corona

The coronavirus pandemic is also presenting our industry with challenges we have never experienced before. What effect will the crisis have on markets and business models? What can we do to guarantee a safe and productive cooperation with partners and suppliers? How can we create the best possible service experience for our customers, whatever the circumstances? These are just some of the questions that currently occupy us all.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you any simple answers today. But we would like to offer you something else: be there when we, in ORGATEC, create an open platform that will provide new inspiration for our sector. A platform upon which experts, enthusiasts and decision-makers from a broad range of fields in our industry come together to design new, sustainable living environments.

Find out more here about your opportunities at ORGATEC – we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

So is it “business as usual” at ORGATEC despite the current situation?

No – quite the opposite. We are taking the crisis as an opportunity to rethink our entire trade fair philosophy and to adapt ORGATEC to requirements that will, after the coronavirus, certainly not be the same as before.

For a start, we know that direct personal meetings are, and will continue to be, vital for maintaining existing contacts and for developing new business opportunities. Especially in the period immediately after the shutdown, this need for proximity will play an important role when it comes to working together to find ways out of the crisis, safeguarding existing business and developing new opportunities. We are therefore designing ORGATEC as an open forum that allows exactly this form of exchange across borders for our whole industry.

At the same time, we can see how the pandemic is accelerating the development of new, digital technologies and formats. That’s why we are currently working at full speed on the development of an online platform on which you can present and discover new products, network and discuss the latest trends – before, during and after the event itself.

How can I stay in the loop and receive all the updates?

Please register for our newsletter – it will keep you up to date with the latest on the preparations, and provide important information and opportunities for you as an exhibitor. You can, of course, also contact us any time with questions and concerns – to do so, click on the “Contact” link below.