Cologne: 25.–29.10.2022 #ORGATEC

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Arbeiten im neuen Normal - Bedeutung von KI und Robotik in der Arbeitswelt von morgen! | Event on the ORGATEC 2022

Working in the new normal - importance of AI and robotics in the working world of tomorrow!

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25.10.2022 | 10:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
A/V Technology, Human Resource Management
#InspiredHybridOffice, Hall 8, C-038/E-039

German with simultaneous translator

The event

The shortage of skilled workers is increasingly becoming a brake on growth in almost all sectors - more than 70 per cent of companies report that they expect a drop in turnover and a decline in product innovations in the future because of the shortage of skilled workers. The shortage of skilled workers extends not only to the manufacturing sector, but increasingly to office occupations.

Professor Stock-Homburg of the TU-Darmstadt, who founded the leap in time Zukunftsinstitut, sees a possible solution in the use of intelligent office robots. "In the near future, robots will shape our everyday office life as naturally as technologies like computers and televisions already do today," says Stock-Homburg. While in the past robots mainly supported humans with simple routine tasks in production, in the future robots will be found in our offices as assistants, colleagues or even managers.

At leap in time in Darmstadt, intelligent robots are already working side by side with project staff. Various so-called humanoid robots, such as Pepper or Elenoide, are used. Robots in offices bring with them numerous opportunities, such as increased efficiency and greater transparency. However, there are also certain challenges associated with them, starting with the acceptance of the robots by employees and ending with the technical and organisational integration into existing company processes.

In Prof. Stock-Homburg's lecture, experiences with robots in office work environments will be reported and the performance of robots in office work environments will be discussed. Furthermore, scenarios for the use of robots in office work environments and the associated opportunities and challenges will be discussed.