Cologne: 22.–25.10.2024 #ORGATEC

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Focus Area #InspiredAugmentedOffice

Imagine a place where traditional office walls disappear and are replaced by a contemporary landscape of digital and physical elements. Every step takes you into a new scenario, every corner harbours another innovation designed to change the way we work. You have reached your destination.

In the "InspiredAugmented Office" Focus Area at ORGATEC 2024, we are setting new standards in the design of working environments. Having already presented innovative concepts for hybrid meetings and smart work in 2018 and 2022, we are now expanding our perspective with several thematic solution islands that build on each other.

As you navigate through the exhibition area, you become part of a seamless integration of space and technology. Here, flexible working and creative collaboration meet the most advanced mixed reality installations that span the entire exhibition stand. A special app on your smartphone will be your compass in this hybrid world, where you can actively interact with the installations, photograph them and explore their complexity.

Thematic islands unfold before you, each a story in itself, each a building block of the new world of work. These islands are more than just exhibits; they are real examples of how New Work principles such as autonomy, flexibility and collaboration can be translated into real, tangible experiences.

The products of our sponsoring partners, which are skilfully integrated into the various solution islands, are also centrally integrated into this experience landscape. This integration not only provides a platform for presenting innovative products, but also allows visitors to directly experience the practical application and benefits of these solutions.

In a nutshell, our exhibition concept consists of several themed solution islands that build on each other and tell a consistent story.

Theme island Home Office

Experience how a perfectly furnished workplace at home is complemented by mixed reality technologies.

Theme island Collaboration Rooms

Enter our Collaboration Rooms, including the Front Row and the Mixed Reality Room, and experience how equality between home and office participants is realised.

Theme island New Work Space

Discover an open office landscape that combines modern office concepts with hybrid technologies.

Theme island Townhall

The Townhall will host hybrid events that bridge the gap between physical presence and digital participation. A panel discussion will shed light on the future of traditional video conferencing and the use of avatars in virtual realities. There will also be a discussion on how avatars can be integrated into video conferences and how mixed reality can be used.

New this year is our “Call for Speakers” , which gives exhibitors and non-exhibitors the opportunity to book stage slots for a fee. This option offers a unique platform to present your ideas and products to a wide audience.

Theme island Mobile Work

The Hybrid Work Caravan presents the latest trends for digital nomads, including a mobile workplace and a video conference room.

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