Cologne: 22.–25.10.2024 #ORGATEC

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Special Events


As a follow-on to the successful special event Inspired Collaboration, ORGATEC was co-operating with zgoll:GmbH to introduce the #InspriedHybridOffice project, pointing the way to a new world of work. Inspired Hybrid Office provides fascinating insights into how a hybrid working world can inspire people, empower employees to work together from wherever they are and bring teams back together again. At the same time, the special event gaves an overview of opportunities for the organisation and coordination of hybrid office worlds.

Involved partners were

zgoll: GmbH

zgoll: Inspired Collaboration - conception, planning and design of video conference and meeting rooms.

In conference and meeting rooms, creative planning, negotiations and decisions are made together. We combine rooms, furniture and technology in a sensible way so that they are easy to use and optimally facilitate collaborative working methods. We create communication spaces where and how people need them - and thus the basis for inspired and inspiring collaboration.


Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the world's leading technology company enabling the Internet. Cisco is opening new possibilities for applications, data security, infrastructure transformation and empowering teams for a global and inclusive future.

cisco Logo
Paul Hettich GmbH

Hettich was founded in 1888 and is today one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings. Over 7,400 members of staff in almost 80 countries work together towards the objective of developing intelligent technology for furniture. On this basis, Hettich inspires people across the globe and is a valuable partner to the furniture industry, retailers and the trades. The Hettich brand is synonymous with consistent values: with quality and innovation. For reliability and closeness to customers. Despite its size and international significance, Hettich has remained a family run business. Independent of investors, the company is free to shape its future in a human and sustainable manner.

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Holzmedia GmbH

Holzmedia is a recognised specialist for high-quality media technology furniture for meeting and conference rooms. With "Elements", they offer a unique concept of modular media furniture for free technology integration and for almost any display type, size and constellation.

Holzmedia Logo
offix Logo

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires people and shapes the future with ideas and technologies that improve our lives. The company is transforming the world of televisions, smartphones, wearables, tablets, home appliances, networking systems, storage, semiconductors and LED products. Samsung's business philosophy is simple: to dedicate its talents and technologies to creating great products and services that contribute to a better global society. To achieve this, Samsung places a high value on its people and technologies.

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Sedus – Who we are and what we do

Sedus Stoll AG was founded in 1871 and is one of the leading European manufacturers of office solutions. The product range includes seating furniture, such as swivel and visitor chairs, as well as office, conference and contract furniture – all “Made in Germany”.

The company headquarters is located in Dogern on the High Rhine in southern Germany. Another production site is in Geseke, North Rhine-Westphalia. Sedus is a company with a long tradition and 150 years of company history that has repeatedly set standards – in terms of ergonomics, manufacturing processes and sustainability. As a synonym for innovation, technology and aesthetics, Sedus constantly enriches the “office world“ with new product ideas and contemporary concepts. Sedus puts a strong focus on current trends and changes in the world of work. New organisational structures and forms of work require flexible, aesthetic furnishings and custommade solutions that enhance collaboration, communication and movement. A particular emphasis is placed on the health and wellbeing of the users.

More information is available at

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SONY Europe B.V.

SONY Professional Displays and Solutions Europe revolutionise collaboration and communication, so that more can be achieved when we study and work together. SONY PD&S offers a complete family of audiovisual presentation solutions that unleash the incredible power of images to help organisations and educational institutions inspire, inform and engage their customers. Follow SONY PD&S to stay up to date with the latest tools and techniques that will enable you to create transformative workplace and educational environments.


"A world in which people are enthusiastic about going to work" - that is the vision of the Munich-based New Work consultancy workingwell. That's why workingwell always focuses on people's needs. The company is convinced that employees are only satisfied, highly motivated and productive when they experience an all-round positive work experience. With currently 50 employees, workingwell supports national and international companies in the development and realisation of future-oriented workplace concepts. In addition, workingwell lays the foundation for a new understanding of work, initiates cultural change and supports employees and managers in the change process. The workingwell academy also offers training, coaching and mediation on the topic of New Work.

workingwell Logo

Involved sponsors were

Ara Robotics

AVOLT is a Swedish based design studio that develops, designs and market objects that extend electricity to devices, deploying Scandinavian design for homes, offices, retail environments and public spaces. The Square 1 extension cord by AVOLT enhances your daily life with it's elaborate functionality and architectonic refined form. Square 1 is a small art piece of everyday life, and it's simplistic style adds to any decor. The Square extension cords have won both the Red Dot Design Award 2019 and the Swedish Design Award (Svenska Design Priset).


Bejot is a family-owned company that through the idea, enthusiasm and work of the entire team has changed from a small carpentry plant into a large manufacturer of office furniture and acoustic solutions. Designing and implementing office seats is our passion and a reason to be proud of.

At Bejot we have been observing and creating changes in the work environment for over 30 years. We listen to our customers’ needs, stay ahead of trends and help create timeless workplaces. Thanks to the durable design and quality of Bejot products you will create an office for years to come, which will become a long-term investment, supporting sustainable development in your company.

Close cooperation with scientific institutions in the field of acoustics, biophilic design and workplace ergonomics allowed us to acquire unique know-how. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, we create furniture that is fully ergonomic and functional.

Our mission is to connect relationships between a man and space, in which he lives and to create a harmonious relationship. It is of no less importance for us to capture beauty in the utility objects by establishing a dialogue between a form and a functionality.

We want to be a participant and an initiator of the changes taking place in the modern model of work and an evolution regarding a creation of the human-friendly spaces for learning, work and rest.

We operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We are constantly looking for solutions that save resources, we cooperate only with suppliers for whom quality, compliance with standards and care for the environment are as important as for us. Our management system and its processes are conducted in accordance with the principle of optimisation, under safe conditions and in compliance with applicable laws.


Belux is committed to providing optimal solutions for complex lighting requirements both in the contract sector and in private residential environments. For this purpose, Belux develops, produces and markets innovative lighting instruments that are distinguished by modern, energy-efficient lighting technology, functional design, high-quality materials and meticulous fabrica-tion. Belux regards lighting as a key element of interior design, which must therefore fulfil the highest functional and aesthetic demands

Design Letters

For creative individuals with an eye for design, who seek lifestyle objects and accessories that are a reflection of their own character. We create original pieces from our base in Copenhagen that are clear in their design and purpose.

Our range of design-led items to wear, or place in your home, offer opportunities for personal expression.

These pieces represent you in the current moment, yet stand by you over time.


Consistently using the most advanced technology, Ege Carpets have developed into one of Europe’s leading carpet companies by designing beautiful carpets for a sustainable future.

Ege Carpets craft unique and sustainable textile flooring. Motivated by the urge to promote personal wellbeing at the workplace, Ege Carpets now introduce a range of innovative and aesthetically pleasing Acoustic Rooms. In addition, Ege Carpets reveal a new collab with textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard. Inspired by the beauty of natural minerals, Margrethe Odgaard has developed 56 eternally relevant colours for the floorscape. Explore these sensuous novelties in hall 10.2 stand N010 / M011.

We exist to design beautiful carpets for a sustainable future. By continuously rethinking the ways of production and pioneering the art of creative design, we believe in making sustainability a beautiful choice.

While it is our business to create exceptional carpets, it has always been our ethical duty to inspire for the progress of society. By constantly challenging the conventions of production, we impatiently demand more of today to ensure that we create a better tomorrow. We support the design of healthy spaces that create quality of life. Meaningful places that promote health, satisfaction, concentration and productivity. Be it through a biophilic colour concept or finely balanced acoustic solutions: In all projects, the focus is on people. For interior design with added value.

The continuous development of products is our most important asset and the basis of our success. Ecologically sensible, technologically cutting-edge and unique in terms of aesthetics and comfort, new product solutions with innovative added value are constantly being created at Ege Carpets. In doing so, we do not only rely on the integration of the latest developments but are traditionally a source of inspiration with our own ideas. We experiment and develop; we tinker and create new ways and possibilities for unique and progressive products. We think differently - always have and in the future.



The large product portfolio of the textile professional Gerriets continues to grow. Originally started as a textile wholesaler for theatre and stage equipment, the portfolio now includes complete curtain systems including track technology for cultural buildings such as the Elbphilharmonie, design projects with artists such as Olafur Eliasson and variable acoustic solutions for concert halls as well as office buildings. Because sound insulation is an increasingly important topic in daily life, whether in private, public or professional environments. Whether it is a matter of acoustically separating different work areas in modern offices or creating meeting islands, the OFFICE sound curtains ideally combine effectiveness, flexibility, aesthetics and appealing design.

Especially in modern office and working environments, it is important to design the room acoustically flexibly. This is where sound-absorbing acoustic curtains come in. The Gerriets OFFICE sound curtain provides a separation of up to 26 dB on average, allowing flexible quiet and meeting zones to be designed in a visually appealing way.

The roocs system will be presented as a brand new product at ORGATEC 2022. roocs, a neologism for "room curtains", consists of a free-standing support system for the tried-and-tested acoustic curtains, which lends any interior or open-space office a homely character and divides it into work, quiet or meeting zones. Without being connected to the ceiling or floor, roocs can be positioned in the room in a completely flexible way. By using the OFFICE sound curtain and the additional option of a sound-insulating ceiling, roocs offers the possibility of creating completely closed-off, sound-protected rooms for concentrated work, personal meetings or a quiet lounge area.

This wide range of applications for the Gerriets Interior Acoustic Solutions product range convinces architects as well as office planners and clients to use the variable acoustic solutions from GERRIETS INTERIOR ACOUSTIC SULUTIONS in numerous projects.

Growing Concepts

Made with the earth in mind
Sustainability is very important to us. When selecting the materials, this is something we pay a lot of attention to and therefore choose natural and sustainable materials in our products as much as possible. For example, we often use recycled glass and sustainable wood from France. Furthermore, we find it important to produce as much as possible close to home. This way our products do not have to be shipped all over the world, which is better for our co2 footprint and also better for the environment. This is why we choose to source all the glass we use from Europe. For the plants we work with the best growers from the Netherlands and Denmark with an MPS certification. This is a hallmark of sustainability.

In the Beginning
The founder of Growing Concepts is Kevin van Willigenburg. He started the company in 2014 with the goal of bringing more sustainable and low maintenance plants into the interior. After several years working at the auction in Aalsmeer, he found out that there was a demand for more innovation in the plant field and started selling terrariums. This turned out to be a great success and was the starting point for the growth of Growing Concepts! At this moment Growing Concepts still consists of a small but close team. After years of managing the shipping of the products ourselves, we now work together with a fine party that sends all packages to our consumers. With a team of four people we run the company from our headquarters in Haarlem. Over the years the collection has expanded from terrariums to a complete collection of natural interior products. Whereby the slogan; "Bring Life Home" must apply to all products.


Since its beginnings in 1966, Kettal has had an international calling to design and innovation. In the first years of the 21st century, Kettal acquired the brands, Hugonet y Triconfort, which came together to form Kettal Group. Kettal works with the most important names in the international design scene who collectively have contributed to what is a well rounded, innovative and unique collection.

Kettal has had an international calling to design and innovation which came together to form Kettal Group. Kettal works with the most important names in the international design scene who collectively have contributed to what is a well rounded, innovative and unique collection.

Timeless furniture, functional and expressive, which represents a contemporary culture and provides solutions to the emerging needs of modern life.

The importance of research, both scientific and technological, has always been at the forefront of product development. The highly innovative nature of the brand means that today one can enjoy a high-quality product. Kettal, loyal to its philosophy of respect for the environment, uses eco-friendly paint. Almost all of Kettal’s furniture paints are now 100% ecological and recyclable, and the wood used is protected under Perhutani certification.

Kettal's raison d'être is the creation of timeless furniture, functional and expressive, which represents a contemporary culture and provides solutions to the emerging needs of modern life, based on a blend of creativity, customisation, innovation and modern production. Outdoor furniture. Kettal develops products specifically for each project.


An interpreter of great international designers, thanks to an all-Italian production that combines craftsmanship and automation, essentiality and respect for the environment, Lapalma produces furnishing elements for contemporary living spaces.

The story of Lapalma is one of family, work and above all passion. Intuition, tenacity, know-how and stainless passion, such as metal, a material that the company has been skilfully working with for over forty years, combining it with wood, leather, fabrics and other innovative materials to create furnishing elements with clean, timeless lines.

Lapalma has dedicated a collection of versatile, elegant and extraordinarily comfortable furnishings to contemporary living spaces, which are fluid because they are changing. Unique and systemised furniture, soft and colourful in the variants that personalise each room. Furniture so Italian in its craftsmanship and so open to the essentiality of international design. Collaboration with great designers has resulted in products that are a perfect combination of design and aesthetics: chairs, tables, armchairs and stools - such as the iconic LEM, designed in 2000 by Shin +Tomoko Azumi - have led to the company being fully integrated into major international projects - from hotels to shops, from museums to airports. And it has won several awards.

Workshop, carpentry, upholstery workshop and assembly are the production areas, all inside the company, where the good balance between technology and the human hand gives shape to a proposal that furnishes contemporary living spaces with versatility and elegance. All this is done with great attention to the environment at every stage of the production process: from the design of the products to the selection of the materials used and their disposal.


LE KLINT Unique craftsmanship

The story of LE KLINT dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when a hand pleated lamp shade was folded to fit a paraffin lamp both designed by architect and master of engineering P.V. Jensen-Klint.

A team of friends and family members worked hard to refine this new shade and in return, received one as a gift of gratitude for their time. 1943 was the year the Klint family handcraft became a real business led by Tage Klint. This allowed Tage to pioneer a new decisive detail to the lampshades in the shape of an elastic collar.

LE KLINT is known throughout most parts of the world for its unique craftsmanship and over the years has been awarded many honors including "Purveyors to the Royal Danish Court" in 2003.

We do our best to keep the lighting range continuously developed and modernized in accordance with today's technologies. We have always been happy to collaborate with architects and designers, who have great respect for our traditions and craftsmanship.

Today, we embrace the ingenuity of talented young designers who make a design statement that is cohesive with our DNA. This is why the history of LE KLINT is not just another story of a business but a story of drive and determination that keeps LE KLINT current and even ahead of the constant changes in trends.


MAGAZIN offers a premium selection of well-designed, high-quality products for personalised home living. Since we see ourselves as reliable pre-selectors, we use a fishing pole rather than a trawl net. Many items in our portfolio are available only at our MAGAZIN store: MAGAZIN products – developed by MAGAZIN in cooperation with designers and manufactured in-house.


Midgard – lighting the way for modernism – since 1919
Midgard Licht - founded 1919 by Curt Fischer - inventor of adjustable lighting - produces its lighting collection until today on original tools completely made in Germany.

Midgard lamps are defined by their superior functionality, quality and design and found many admirer. Amongst them the architect Walter Gropius who used Midgard lamps for his private use as well as the Bauhaus design school in Dessau Germany.

With AYNO, the first design of a new Midgard lamp since the 1950s, the industrial designer Stefan Diez is testing the boundaries between origin and status quo of adjustable lighting. The collaboration manifests Midgard’s spirit of invention. 100 years of lighting history are continued as intended by Curt Fischer.

Midgard lights - adaptable to any work environment
Adapters and connections to all common office systems from well-known manufacturers (including Vitra, USM, bene, montana) were developed for the entire Midgard collection. In addition, the collection allows for a one-size-fits-all screw-on solution that can be used on any surface, eliminating the need for any adapter. In order to meet individual requirements, a bespoke adapter was recently developed, which enables installation without a visible cable on the desktop.

These tailor-made solutions allow the direct mounting and connection to office systems, office desks or carpenter's furniture with completely flexibly adjustable lights.

The connections and the direct integration into the planning are coordinated down to the last detail with architects, interior designers and lighting planners and then manufactured accordingly, since Midgard thinks and produces sustainably, with local suppliers and short delivery routes.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with a mission to create timeless yet contemporary original and innovative products. To make the ordinary extraordinary through great design.

The Normann Copenhagen brand was founded in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen and comprises a wide and ever-growing collection of furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories.


Beauty, tradition and innovation

Pedrali is an Italian company that produces contemporary furniture for contract and residential. The collection is the result of a careful and accurate research aimed to create functional and versatile industrial design products made of metal, plastic materials, wood as well as upholstery. Seating, tables, complements and lighting exclusively manufactured in Italy through a design process which combines tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance.

The “100% Made in Italy” philosophy becomes real through the internal production in the headquarters of Mornico al Serio (Bergamo), where the automated warehouse designed by architect Cino Zucchi is based, and in the wood division in Manzano (Udine).

The high quality and respect for the environment represent long-established practices. This is proved by the use of water-based coatings, made principally from plant-derived resins, for the wooden products, and by the certifications ISO 9001 for quality management system, ISO 14001 for environmental management system, FSC® C114358 for the use of timber from certified forests and Greenguard for low emissions of toxic substances. In 2020 the company has presented its first collections made from recycled polypropylene and completed the study on Corporate Carbon Footprint which allows an overview of the impact of the production cycle on the environment, obtaining the certification UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019 in 2021. The experimentation of production technologies, the use of different materials and the cooperation with many designers have allowed Pedrali to achieve important awards such as the Compasso d'Oro ADI for Frida chair.


Poggenpohl has a long tradition of innovation. As the inventor of the modern kitchen, Poggenpohl sustainably combines architectural concepts and applications with trend-setting design, superb craftsmanship and technical precision. Founded in 1892, the small cabinetmaker’s shop has evolved into the leading brand for German-made luxury kitchen architecture. The company’s outstanding international reputation is built upon its constant pursuit of innovation. Poggenpohl kitchens are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Herford, Germany, ensuring their distinction and high standard of quality. The kitchens are sold in over 70 countries around the world, through an international network of the company’s own studios and authorised business partners. Poggenpohl has been part of the Chinese Jomoo Group since 1st September 2020.


With more than 40 years of experience and quality “Made in Germany” we create innovative acoustic solutions for your office. Individually adapted to your needs, they facilitate an optimized sound environment at the workplace. In addition to the reduction of background noise, our product range offers comprehensive solutions for optical screening, structural partitioning, and interior design. A harmonious working environment doesn’t only contribute to our physical well-being, it also increases concentration, performance, and creativity.

All our office concepts are tailored to your needs and combine excellent acoustics with modern design aesthetics. More efficiency and increased competitiveness hand in hand with the well-being of each team member – with us you will find the perfect balance.

The long-term satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Therefore, all PREFORM solutions meet the highest quality standards and combine many years of expertise with individual consulting.

As a European industry pioneer, we design and produce exclusively at our two locations in Bavaria, using the highest quality and most durable materials. Since the future begins today, all our products are manufactured regionally and environmentally friendly, ensuring the lowest CO2 footprint possible. Would you like to learn more about our sustainably created products? Contact us!

Realtime Department

Re:Quiet is a Ukrainian brand of acoustic solutions for commercial facilities.

To create our products, we use material from recycled food-grade plastic while taking care of acoustic comfort and the environment.

Re:Quiet is a symbiosis of design and many years of experience in furnishing office and retail spaces. It is very important for us that our products combine ergonomics, high acoustic performance, a friendly atmosphere, and environmental friendliness. The products we present are made by Ukrainian designers.

These are:

- acoustic lamps

- wall and ceiling panels

- office partitions

- various decorative products.

We are open to cooperation with architectural and design bureaus and are ready not only to offer our standard products but also to implement bold ideas for your projects.

Products for the European Union and England are manufactured in Poland.

We will be happy to provide acoustic comfort in your office or other space.


We have been producing furniture for the home and contract segments for two centuries: at our Frankenberg site, bentwood and tubular steel design icons as well as contemporary furniture by renowned designers are produced with a passion for the materials and extraordinary precision. The combination of state-of-the-art production technologies and traditional craftsmanship makes Thonet one of the most successful furniture companies in the world.


Anyone based in the Black Forest must shine very brightly indeed to be seen. The medium-sized family-owned company Waldmann develops some of the building some of the finest lighting systems in the world for offices, industry, care and health in Villingen-Schwenningen. The mission of the Black Forest company: To create the best workplaces for people with light and information.

Since 1985, Waldmann office luminaires have become increasingly intelligent: from daylight and presence sensors, to swarm control and biodynamic lighting. The inventive spirit of the Engineers of Light is currently finding expression in digital lighting. And along with the founding of the Berlin startup LIZ in 2019, also in smart software for New Work environments. This combination of confidence-inspiring hardware from a soon-to-be 100-year-old lighting manufacturer and premium software has one goal: to create the best individual version of an office. Learn more about the Black Forest's smart office solution in Hall 8.1 | Booth: C040.

Waldmann Logo

Materials4Future - Special area for sustainable material innovations for the future of work

ORGATEC 2022: 3D + Digital

ORGATEC 2022: Textile

Under the title “Materials4Future”, the future agency Haute Innovation is implementing a special area for the transformation towards sustainable materials at Orgatec 2022 and is presenting some of the latest innovations.

Whether digital surfaces made of transparent wood or textiles with integrated solar modules, whether upholstery fabrics made from hemp leftovers or with silverskin of roasted coffee beans, whether acoustic modules made from fire-resistant mushroom material or carpets using CO2 as a new resource: Sustainable solutions for interior design, for design and architecture have been around since several years in development.

Materials for sustainable interiors

The increasing pressure for climate-friendly materials is now flushing the results of many years of research onto the market. A new industry is emerging with offers that fit perfectly into the concept of a circular economy. The biological cycle offers the greatest potential for innovation.

With all the protests for a climate-friendly policy in the context of the federal election in 2021, the “Fridays for Future” movement has reached its preliminary peak in Germany. And among designers and architects, too, there is a desire for a functioning circular economy and for products with reduced CO2 emissions and climate-neutral processes.

The young generation of designers in particular is looking for a new culture of materials and technologies for interior design and furniture manufacturing. If no product is available on the market for a specific problem, creative people become more and more proactive in developing their own solutions.

In the future, material technologies with positive effects on climate protection, supplemented by solutions with smart functions and in combination with digital applications, can enormously increase resource efficiency in design and architecture. Innovations are the focus of many users, who at the same time address sustainability dimensions and the perspective of increasing digitization. They thus have a decisive influence on the future of interior design. This applies to the design of modern working environments as well as to the object and hotel sectors.

material selection and didactics: Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters

exhibition design: Diana Drewes

AIT Innovation Award

In collaboration with Koelnmesse GmbH, the architectural trade journal AIT presented the Innovation Award Architecture+Office for the twelfth time at ORGATEC. The award is aimed at manufacturers of innovative products for use in office buildings – including office furniture, accessories, equipment and furnishings, lighting, flooring and further products – and at architects, interior architects and designers who have developed products for this field. Participation was open to all ORGATEC exhibitors who enter their products for the Architecture + Office Innovation Prize by 23 September 2022.

The Architecture and Design Competition was initiated with the aim of selecting, from among the numerous products and solutions launched on the market, those which measure up to the demands of architects particularly well, in order to honour them with an award. The jury will pay particular attention to functional and design quality, intelligent solutions and a wide range of potential uses.

On 25 October 2022, the opening date of ORGATEC, a five-member jury comprised of prestigious architects, interior architects and planners, decided who the prize-winners were.

The award ceremony took place on the Innovation Prize stand at ORGATEC on Tuesday, 25 October 2022 at 5.00 p.m.

All the entries was displayed throughout the trade fair in a special exhibition.