Cologne: 25.–29.10.2022 #ORGATEC

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Personalized office workstations - YOYO smart ergonomics from Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik

A personalized workstation that inspires movement and improves health? A company with low absenteeism, whose workstation use is efficient because occupancy and costs are always in focus? "YOYO smart ergonomics", a software/hardware system platform, brings all of these requirements under one roof. This complete office solution offers intelligent workstations with a flexible reservation system and personalized and health-promoting components - creating transparency in office space use. This innovation flows from concentrated expertise in workstation ergonomics at Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik in Weilheim/Teck. Standard interfaces enable a smooth integration into an existing IT infrastructure. "YOYO smart ergonomics" opens the door of company facility management to the furniture industry.

Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik introduced the system at Orgatec 2018 in Cologne using the following realistic scenario: The office worker reserves his or her workstation for the desired time frame. The work table, chair and lighting are then automatically personalized on site. "YOYO smart ergonomics" delivers intelligent technology for office furniture. With this system, the employee has his or her personal wellness space all around. The "YOYO" box under the table and the "YOYO" smartphone app recognise each other through Bluetooth and virtually instantly create the optimal working conditions.

The technology supports the employee through the day based on his or her personal configuration. The app motivates the worker to move around in individually defined intervals, recommends changing from a seated to a standing position or vice versa, and appropriately signals when the furniture height is to be adjusted. The light changes discreetly - based on natural daylight. The ability to concentrate is stimulated through the "boost" function with which the light delivers bright and cool illumination.

YOYO Smart Ergonomics - the intelligent furniture system

The steel, height adjustable table frames, the core competence of Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik, is the basis for the development of the new platform. The company can look beyond the horizon of workplace ergonomics and consider the workplace environment as a whole. The work tables can be equipped with a "YOYO" box. The size of a glasses case, the box receives the signals from the app of the same name, from the company network or from one of the workstation elements, converts them into hardware commands, saves the data or forwards them to a system partner.

The "YOYO" laser is a universal height sensor for office chairs that is suitable for any height adjustable seat. The laser - using a magnet positioned underneath the seating surface - assumes the fully automatic communication with the app and the "YOYO" box at the table, measures the chair height and checks movements for an efficient workplace configuration.

Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik brings harmony between office illumination and the human body with the "YOYO" light. Together with Fraunhofer Institute IAO in Stuttgart, the company has formed a solid basis of knowledge for the development of the "YOYO" compatible standing and table lights that not only illuminate the workstation with a constant 800 Lux and even consider the glare from items on the station but also sets the age and gender of the employee using LED technology as well as the time. Lighting adapted to the changes in natural daylight has been shown to stimulate the hormones and contribute to a healthy work environment and higher performance.

The intuitively usable app forms the centre of "YOYO smart ergonomics". With the app's circular controls, the employee can manage his or her individualised workstation comfort based on relevant personal data and reserve workstations and meeting rooms. In addition, there are controls for the drawer locks and - depending on equipment - for the acoustic elements, picture frames or the temperature under the table. Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik is also preparing a desktop version of the smartphone app in 2019.

Bringing together workstation quality & efficient use

"YOYO smart ergonomics" will be used by the human resources consulting firm Michael Page International Austria GmbH as a beta test version by the end of 2018. The company, situated in the centre of Vienna, must utilize their space efficiently due to higher rental prices. This is only possible when taking room and workstation reservations into account, considering that employees are linked in meetings, in a home office or work part time, on a business trip or on holiday, or are absent due to illness. The decision to implement the integrated Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik office solution to improve efficiency is made not at the expense of employee's well-being but rather by keeping people at the centre.

The connection to the company's IT department is made through the so-called "YOYO" hub. The standardised interface brings existing facility management building data and room plans together with employee data, including personal booking authorizations or simply the employee's reservations. This fulfils the condition of transparency in calculating the office space and using it efficiently.

A new area of business for the furniture industry

The integrated office solution opens up a new business opportunity for furniture manufacturers, in which they can connect known hardware components with intelligent software and thereby enter the world of facility management. This solution offers companies of any size the possibility to design personalized workstations that are healthy for the employee and absolutely secure in terms of current data protection laws as well as create flexible and efficient workstation plans. Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik provides the way for successful integration using a variety of marketing tools.

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