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Newest Smart Locking System is easy, configurable and safe

September 1, 2022 - Keynius, a Dutch based tech company, will launch its newest Smart Locking System at the Orgatec trade show. A system that is stunningly easy, completely configurable and safe. With a compact, plug & play Smart Home central unit, locks that are both push2open and pop2open and white label availability, Keynius has been able to completely reinvent smart locking compared to systems on the market. As part of the Smart Locking Group, Keynius can rely on almost 20 years of smart locker experience.

Smart locking reinvented

With the development of its smart locking system Keynius held on to three principles: Easy, configurable and safe. We have listened to the wishes of furniture manufacturers, architects, concierges, facility managers, parcel deliverers, leisure & fitness clubs, event organisers, retail, healthcare, emergency services and many more and were able to develop one system that meets all demands. The newest Keynius Smart Locking System will be officially launched at the first day of the Orgatec show 2022.


Smart locking does not have to complicated. The new Keynius system is plug & play for everybody: locker manufacturers, administrators and users. The Keynius system only needs a Smart Home, locks, AC and internet to make your locker wall smart. Installing the hardware is just plug & play and when installed, the system can be configured for every locking solution from anywhere via the Keynius Portal. Whether it is for daily users, locker rental, parcel service, asset management or cloackroom, the administrator can program it all. The Portal additionally keeps track of important data - both historical as well as real-time - that can be used for data insight about the operation of lockers. After configuration in the Portal, locker walls can also be managed via the App or the optional Smarty terminal in the locker wall. Simplicity is key when users want to operate their smart locker. The system offers many ways to open lockers: by App, online, RFID tag/pass, reader or Smarty screen.


Our innovative software provides a distinctive locking system that can be configured for every situation, application and environment. Safe storage of personal belongings, dispensing of products, sale of products, lending or renting company resources, distributing packages and more. Each locker wall can even be configured to facilitate different functions; a few lockers for daily use, some for vending and others for visitors.

For opening and closing the doors of your locker wall, Keynius has developed a unique 2-in-1 lock that can be used as either a Push2Open or a Pop2Open lock. Keynius is the only company that offers this specific types of locks. Locks are available in wireless or wired versions, and an option for RFID and/or USB A+C charging and lightning.

Keynius supports many API's to integrate with your existing software systems. Topdesk, iProtect (key processor), Siemens Siport, AEOS, Azure Active Directory, Paxton, Loxis and Receptlocatie. We also offer tailored integrations.

And last but not least, dedicated Keynius partners have the unique choice of using the system’s software and hardware as fully white label Smart Locking System and branded with their own logo.

Safe & secure

Keynius is a cloud platform. With software as a cloud solution, maintaining and updating servers and software are fully outsourced and guaranteed, companies and users’ data are secured in accordance with the highest standards. For this, Keynius uses the standard database and data-at-rest encryption in the Microsoft Azure SQL database. The system is ISO 27001:2017 certified with the highest information security requirements and is designed and developed with a ‘Privacy by design’ principle and fully corresponds to all international GDPR standards.

About Keynius Based on years of experience in the locker market, Keynius has developed a locking management system based on three principles: Easy, Configurable, Safe. Our solutions are plug & play, can be modified in a few easy steps and offer multiple usage options. Thanks to in-house developers and cloud based, Azure platform, operation we can easily develop and implement updates and new functionalities. Keynius is ISO27001:2017 certified and offers its locking solutions worldwide through selected, dedicated partners. Keynius has reinvented smart locking!

Keynius is part of the Smart Locking Group.

For more information, please contact:

Keynius BV -

Rikkert Graat – Manager Marketing

  1. T: +31 (0) 630481632

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